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Are you interested in leaving a Legacy feature for millions of people to enjoy for years and years to come? Here is a perfect way to give back to the community and world, and to change people's lives via growth and opportunity experiences of a lifetime.  

Our 501c3 tax-deductible status has been approved.  Please click the link below to get a copy of our certification and EIN number for your tax-deductible donation.

501c3 Approval & EIN 

--- FIRST ROUND $2,000,000 ---
We are seeking our first round of funding of $2M to acquire the hospital property, completely remove the asbestos-infested buildings and to beautify the entire property.  Our goal is to get the property cleaned up so that it can be used as temporary greenspace for walking and biking trails.  The next phase will be to start building the Art Farm buildings which will be very similar to an amazingly beautiful high-school type of facility with auditoriums, galleries, classrooms, gymnasiums, common areas and rentable space for events, meetings, clubs and parties.  Please contact (704) 491-1213 or info@legacyartfarm.org for more information.

Mission Statement
Legacy Art Farm is a 501c3 non-profit park created to provide an outdoor and nature-based destination where artists, individuals, families and their people-friendly pets can spend a whole day enjoying nature, art, animals, exercise, adventure, creativity and, of course, tons of fun!  The park would be open 365 days a year and would be a full-day destination for guests.

About The Park
LEGACY Art Farm is located at the South entrance to Banner Elk, NC.  L.A.F. is a non-profit park where families and individuals can spend the day with a bunch of activities for all ages.  The core theme focuses on all forms of art, and all things that are creative.  The park began with a vision of repurposing the old Canon Memorial Hospital building and surrounding property that has been abandoned for many years.  L.A.F. is the vision of the part-time resident, Marc Mataya, who wanted to create a community entertainment attraction that would last for hundreds of years to come, and that will help the local community as well as change the lives of visitors and artists from all over the country.

The goal for the park is to first remove the old hospital structure and find a good common use for the land that will benefit everyone.  L.A.F. provides a Win-Win-Win-Win solution for everyone and shall greatly improve the local businesses, create jobs and increase the value and popularity of Banner Elk as a fantastic tourist destination.

The park will be affordable for all guests with a nominal $5.00 parking fee or $40/year parking pass.  Those that bike or walk in will not have to pay this fee.  Most Legacy Lot features will also be free, but some segments such as rock climbing walls, may have to charge if it requires additional paid resources to monitor or set up customers for that activity.





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